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Bulgarian Orthodox Patriarch Maxim Dies at 98
Patriarch Maxim
The Bulgarian Ortodox Patriarch Maxim, who weathered a revolt over his Communist-era ties to lead his country’s Orthodox Christians for more than 40 years, died here on Tuesday at age of 98.

Bulgarian Government To Present New Healthcare Strategy in September
Healthcare minister Radoslav Gaidarski. The Government will be ready with the new health plan in September. The updates in the governmental program will be finished at the end of August, the governmental PR service said after Monday's
Cabinet meeting at the Eurxiongrad Residence.
Bulgarian Economy Grows 6.2% in First Quarter
The Bulgarian economy grew by 6.2 pct in the 12 months to the first quarter of 2007, official data showed on Tuesday.
Rousse March Music Days Open
Popular musicians and ensembles from all over the world renown such as Gidon Kremer and his Kremerata Baltica, the British Hilliard Ensemble, the New Russia Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yuri Bashmet take part side by
side with new names in the 2008 edition of the March Music Days Festival hosted by Rousse in March 15 through to 30, Festival Director Iva Chavdarova says.
Police Officers Awarded for Refusing a Bribe

Two police officers from Bulgaria's Southwestern town Petrich received an award by the chief of the Regional Police Department commissioner Konstantin Tityanov for refusing a 10,000 euro bribe.

Bulgaria To Introduce Flat Tax
PM Sergei Stanishev and Turkish minority party leader Ahmed Dogan The leaders of the three governmental parties in the ruling coalition decided to cut social insurance contributions 3 per cent, up pensions by 10%  from October and introduce a flat tax of 10 per cent for individual incomes as of next year. The decision paves a way for a big change in Bulgarian tax system
Murdoch To Secure Dow Jones Takeover
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp appears to have won enough backing from members of the Bancroft family and a family trust to secure a takeover of Dow Jones. The report by the Dow Jones-owned daily says Bancroft family members, who control 32 per cent of the board's voting power, have agreed to back News Corp's $US5 billion takeover offer for the company.

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Fighting fire in Greece

Fireman is fighting fires in Greece.

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Obama Says It Would Hit Al-Qaeda in Pakistan
Barack Obama The Democratic party's US presidential candidate Barack Obama said he would launch military action against al-Qaeda in Pakistan without the consent of Musharraf's government. He Obama gave a speech to outline his foreign policy positions.
Bulgaria Decides To Waive Libyan Debt
Bulgarian foreign minister Ivailo Kalfin Bulgaria decided to waive $57m of debt owed by Libya following the release of six nurses convicted of infecting Libyan children with HIV. The money will be diverted to an international fund for the victims and their families.
Bulgarians Willing to Give Second Term to President Parvanov
Bulgaria Seeks More Information On Former PR Scandal
Bulgarian President Filed as an Agent of Communist Secret Services

Bulgaria and Israel To Increase Trade
Bulgaria's Consumer Prices Unchanged in May
Bulgaria To Receive 238 Mln From World Bank

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Libyan Judge Adjourns Bulgarian medics HIV Trial
Bulgarian Fooball Clubs Fail Licence Requirements
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